It’s Monday, the start of a fresh new week.

And today I have a really important message to share.

Being a business owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur can be lonely.

Particularly if you’re friends and family don’t ‘get’ what you’re doing or why you’ve left the security of traditional employment behind.

It’s real easy to get stuck. Stuck inside your own head.
And if the money and clients aren’t flowing right now, you tend to start doubting yourself.

That pesky doubt can lead to a downward spiral in terms of your confidence and your ability to TRUST your intuition when it comes to running or marketing your business.

And that doubt can lead to overwhelm, ‘stuckness’ or you achieving nothing and worse still, you giving up entirely on this amazing business gig.

Today I want to tell you to NEVER GIVE UP!

Sometimes, you simply need to keep on moving forward, doing all the things, and keeping the faith that your ideal clients or customers will find you. At the perfect time!

Even when you can’t currently see any evidence.

Even when you feel like you’re getting nowhere.

Even when you feel like you’re talking to a blank wall.

Even when the belief in yourself and your business is all you have.

I want you to keep on blogging, keep on marketing, keep on believing that anything is possible.

And believing that your luck could and WILL change in a single magical moment.

That success is simply a tiny step away.

Because guess what! It generally is…

It’s happened in this way for me many times…

Success comes to those who believe in their mission, stay true to their passions and who consistently create momentum, and consistently put themselves out there.

No. Matter. What.

And quite frankly, it would really suck if you quit now, when tomorrow could bring you your biggest wins yet.

So today, keep on tracking. Anything is possible when you keep the faith and the determination to succeed.

But here’s the other thing.

Often, when we get so stuck inside our own heads, with a million crazy thoughts all rattling around, it’s really hard to make sense of it all – and find the RIGHT way forward.

Self-doubt can crowd out the clarity. Exhaustion can wear you down.

Business owners need strategy and they need a plan to follow. But often, the strategies and the right plan appears to not exist (at least within your OWN head).

Which is where a ‘business bestie’ comes in real handy.

Particularly one who has run a variety of businesses, worked in large organisations, can write, market and do tech stuff too.

Yep, I’m your gal.

When you choose to work with me as you ‘Copywriter’ I don’t just write some fancy words and leave you with it.

I also know how to market. I know all about sales funnels and customer journeys.

I know how to sell authentically without icky sales tactics.

I know how to motivate customers to act.

I’ve experimented with all of it over the past 9 years running my own businesses.

I know stuff! I even know stuff that works 

I can see things that you may be too close to see.

And I love nothing more than being able to hold your hand, step you through my simple processes, to get you OUT of the overwhelm, ditch the ‘self-doubt’, help you get crystal clear on who you’re targeting and how you can help them – and finally sell.

And to start trusting yourself and your message once again!

I’d love to become the ‘business bestie’ you’ve been wishing for.

To take that crazy jumble of thoughts from inside your head – and craft them into pure gold.

Shiny, LUCRATIVE, bright, yellow gold!

Because whilst yes, you can indeed successfully go it alone.

Success generally happens faster and easier, with a little expert, outsider help ?

Oh new ‘business bestie’ hit me up to get yourself a plan.

Let’s get this business of yours, rocking and rollin’ to bring that elusive success closer, faster…right now.


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