Welcome to the first official day of school holidays (if you’re in Victoria, Australia like me!).
Whilst we still have one child in childcare, who continues regardless (thank goodness, as our little 3 year old pocket rocket of a daughter requires the constant stimulation!) – hubby and I are now juggling our 6 (nearly 7) year old son between us, whilst continuing to work and run businesses.
Luckily for us – he is a pretty amazing kid! He is pretty good at keeping himself occupied and is currently sitting beside me in our retail store, whilst I work, watching ABC for kids on the tablet.
And yes, I do resort to handing my child a tablet or putting him in front of a movie – and guess what!? He doesn’t seem to suffer from it at all.
Why? Because the rest of the time he gets to run wild across our 70 acre farm, play in the mud and learns chemistry, science, building and manufacturing when he hangs out with my very interesting husband out in the sheds.
He also knows how to operate our retail point of sale system!
In fact I consider my two children to be incredibly healthy and well-rounded, despite the fact that my husband and I are constantly working.
Our three year old daughter can expertly drive real screws in to plasterboard with a screwdriver (in fact, probably better than I can!) – and has been doing so since she was just two!
And our six year old son can invent and build things with offcuts of wood like a pro!
Plus, just yesterday, they spent the afternoon covered in mud – making mud pies. They were literally as happy as pigs in mud. All I can say is – thank goodness for washing machines!
We frequently go for walks together across our own rural property, where they throw rocks in dams and get to see and learn about a crazy variety of wildlife, flowers and native grasses.
They also learn about horses, and sheep, round up chooks and grow their own vegetables in the backyard. But most importantly, they have the freedom to simply run, dance and play amongst the trees, and just be themselves. Bliss, if you ask me!
So whilst Oliver is currently sitting here on the tablet, watching movies today, he’ll also get the chance to go metal detecting with my husband, learn all about gemstone polishing and the properties of various metals, play on the farm, ride his pony and hang out with his city cousins when they come to visit, build things with lego – and quite possibly hang over his grandfathers shoulder helping to fix a historic MGB racing car.
Phewww! Exciting times!
Whilst school holidays and running businesses can be a juggling act, we love the fact that our kids get to learn such interesting things from our diverse set of businesses, and from the very nature of where we live.
And the fact that our businesses are flexible enough to take the odd day off to do more ‘normal’ things over the holidays such as trips to the beach or a picnic in the park. This flexibility is awesome ?
So, how do you entertain your kids during school holidays?
Sarah Walkerden
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