I don’t claim to be cheap, but I’m not expensive either.

I value my time, my skill and my years of experience, and quite frankly, if you run a business, so should you.

I package up my services, to provide extreme value, at an affordable price – that is respectful of both my time and your investment.

I make it a ‘no-brainer’ decision to work with me.

Plus, whilst you’re buying my copywriting services, you also tend to get the bonus of my marketing strategy, business coaching and website tech skills too 

(Plus I’m a pretty nice gal to have in your business corner )

And when it comes to business, it’s not about the price someone charges for their expertise – its about the results and return that they can achieve.

If someone told you that you could put in $5000 and get back $5,000,000, then that would be a pretty good investment, yes?

You’d probably move heaven and earth to come up with that $5000 pretty darn quickly!

So when you’re attempting to package up your services for a prospective client – focus on the value you can provide and the results you achieve.

Make it a ‘no-brainer’ to work with you.

That way, you can charge far more for your time…

AND because you’re paid more, you make more effort and work harder…

You value the job more – your client values YOU more…

And therefore you produce far better results for your clients 

The End.