And there she was…the little black ball of fluff who would change our lives.

I’ve never felt anything so strongly or with so much certainty before.

And I was only 13.

But I had to have her. I knew she had been sent to us.

To rescue us from our grief and remind us that we weren’t as lost as we thought we were.

The little black dog, who came into our lives, just in the nick of time.

Her name was ‘Stolli’ – or at least that’s what she came with on her collar. However, as that was apparently an alcoholic drink (which possibly says something about where she came from!), my mother renamed her ‘Molly’ (for something a little nicer!).

I found her not long after my grandfather had passed away. He had always been our rock and the figure head of our family.

Everyone was miserable. Simply putting one foot after another, in survival mode.

So, one school holidays, when my younger brother (10) and I were helping mum look after grandma, we got bored.

And when we got bored, we went walking. Sometimes it was to the playground around the corner. But this time, it was to the local animal shelter, two blocks down the road.

It was something my grandfather had always done – he used to take us down there, sweet talk the girls at reception and get us animal-crazy kids backstage cuddling access to every single cat, kitten, dog, puppy that was in the joint! We’d always loved that.

Normally, we’d stop in politely to say hello to the girls at reception, and sweetly ask for permission to see the animals, just the way grandpa had taught us.

Yet this time was different. Because SHE was there. This little black bundle of fur camped out with the girls in reception.

Needless to say, animal-loving me stopped in my tracks, with the ever-so-simple statement “Oh, how cute!”

Which suddenly, and fatefully meant, that she was promptly handed over to me to cuddle.

Well, didn’t that seal our fate!

Despite it being 22 years ago, I still remember the strange feeling that swept over me. The instant knowing. The instant connection. The elation at finding her! And the sheer terror of asking my unwilling parents.

Yet knowing without a doubt, that she had to come home with us. That all of a sudden, now that I’d found her, I couldn’t possibly live without her.

The problem however, was that my father had always forbidden us from having a dog. He wasn’t an animal lover like the rest of us were. The best he had granted us, was two cats – which was pretty cool, but they weren’t a dog.

And certainly, not this dog. Not only did I WANT this dog, I NEEDED this dog.

It wasn’t a want or need like most kids would latch on to a shiny toy and throw a tantrum about. Nope, I wasn’t like that. It was a massive ‘gut-feeling’ that we had to have her, no matter what.

Somehow, between racing back to my grandmothers house with my little brother, to plead our case with our mother, a ridiculously hysterical conversation with my father (who was stuck working 2 hours away in the city, in a very quiet, formal office, and who got quite a surprise to have his daughter sobbing down the phone, pleading nonsense with him about a dog!) – she eventually became ours.

My father didn’t speak to me for weeks.

But I loved her. (So did my little brother.)

And guess what? It didn’t take long for my mum to fall in love with her too.

Eventually, dad started talking to me again – and even, started talking to the dog(!).

As it turned out, this crazy, black little ball of fluff somehow saved our family.

The only family members who weren’t so crazy about her, were our cats, but they managed to eventually share the same space without too much hissing!

Which was lucky, because this little dog was simply magic.

She had a sixth sense where she could literally feel when someone in our family was sick or sad – and she’d magically be there.

She’d curl up at your feet.

Follow you around the house like a shadow.

Plonk herself on your knee.

Or race around the place like a lunatic to make us laugh.

She even sighed in sympathy alongside us, as she plonked herself in the doorway to your room, providing both her protection and gentle companionship.

She always somehow knew, WHO in the household, needed her most, at any given point in time. And to this day, I’ve never known another animal to be that perceptive and that capable of being there, when you needed her – in the exact, perfect way!

And even the visitors, who proclaimed they ‘hated little dogs’ seemed to fall in love with her massive and very sweet personality.

(Which was possibly helped by her weird ability to ‘beg’ and stand perfectly upright on her back legs like a meercat and look cute!)

In the end, she became mum’s dog, as us kids got older and more independent.

She and mum were inseparable – and believe me, she got us through many tough times.

Whilst sadly she’s been gone for the past 6 years, she is one animal I could never forget.

She made such a huge impact and was such a massive part of our lives for 15 odd years, and she taught me some very valuable lessons growing up.

The most important lesson though, was to always trust my own instincts. To never ignore that ‘gut feeling’ that would just be there, when making a decision.

And to trust myself.

No matter what obstacles exist, when something ‘feels right’ it generally is. And the only thing to do, is to make that ‘something’ actually happen.

Because when you do – it tends to be totally life-changing.

And yes, this really does have something to do with business. In fact it has EVERYTHING to do with business.

So often we’re taught to take everything on face value.

We’re told by experts to run our business a certain way, or market them a certain way. We’re told to be ‘sensible’ and ‘practical’ and not to trust our own intuition.

But I say bull-dust to that!

Trust your instincts. Build your business your way. Find a way to overcome those crazy obstacles and do it anyway.

Plus, tell stories. Get personal. Be you and TRUST YOU!

Wear your heart on your sleeve and be bold.

Just like I have here.

And, if you need help with crafting your own stories, or writing in a way that draws people in with emotion and incredible style, PM me for my copywriting packages 😊

The End.