As a business owner or solopreneur, you may presume that your ‘sales’ pages are the most important factor in generating a sale.

Yet these days – people crave connection. If they are going to consider your services (or products) – then most customers or clients are going to want to connect with YOU! And I mean really YOU!

They want to know more than just WHAT YOU CAN DO.

They instead want to know your story, where you’ve come from, why you do what you do, what motivates you, what you stand for – and WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

And this is particularly true, for the online coaches out there…

If a prospective client is looking for coaching – you may well have the perfect package or program to solve their problems and meet their needs – but if your website can’t help them to create that instant connection with you (as a coach they can relate to) – then chances are you’ll lose the client.

And funnily enough, having an effective ‘About’ page can actually do much of your selling for you.

So what makes an effective ‘About’ page?

  1. You need to display your personality and passion on the page.
  2. You need to hook the reader into your ‘story’.
  3. You need a clever yet subtle call to action, that gets them onto your sales page.

A GREAT ‘About’ page leads your prospective client on a journey, through your past, your present and into your future. It needs to shine a light on your talents, in a non-salesy way, and it needs to be engaging, entertaining and inspiring.

Yes, it still needs to contain information and background around your business and services/products – but you’ll find the more of YOU you can display on that page – the more your ideal clients will be drawn to you.

Ready to let your ‘About’ page do the selling for you?

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With a few basic details, I can craft the perfect words to turn your ‘About’ page into a selling machine…

For an example (and for some more info on me!) you can check this one out: